Credit Courses:
Public Speaking, Honors Geometry, and Honors Ancient and Medieval Cultures will continue during their originally scheduled dates. They will follow the distance learning model we have developed for 4th quarter classes. These three classes no longer have conflicting times, so a student may take both History and Public Speaking or Geometry and Public Speaking.

Summer Camps:
In order to better provide for the needs of both parents and students, we are planning for two weeks of English and math enrichment camp, 8am-noon, Monday through Friday, from July 27 until August 7. There are two distinct advantages to moving the camp to these dates. First, our intention is that these camps be in-person on Altamont's campus. While nothing can possibly be certain at this time, the move to late July and early August maximizes the chances that we can provide the one-on-one attention and personalization that characterize Altamont's Summer Camps. We also hope that this timing will better serve the needs of your children as they prepare to transition back into school in the fall, ensuring that they enter the next school year stronger and better prepared than ever.

ACT Prep:
These will continue as scheduled. Our ACT tutor is currently tutoring several students individually from a distance and reports great success. The first ACT Prep class is scheduled to lead up to the June 13 offering, which is still scheduled to take place. We will update our schedule as needed if that changes.

Drivers Ed:
The May session is cancelled. Enrolled students will be contacted and given the opportunity to transfer to the July session (July 20-21). We are looking into scheduling a second session later in the summer.

Athletic Camps:
Basketball and soccer camps are cancelled. Full refunds will be issued.

Please contact Josh Barnard at if you have any questions.