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I'm Josh Barnard, the director of the summer program at Altamont, and a proud Altamont alumnus. I'm currently wrapping up my eighth year back on the hill teaching at Altamont and my fifth as head of the math department. This is also my fifth summer program to manage here. There are some answers to frequently asked questions below, but please feel free to reach out if you any questions that are not addressed there.

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Dr. Josh Barnard


Q. Will there be remote options for students that prefer to participate from home?

A. Yes! Some courses have the option for students to participate 100% remotely. If a course has a remote option, there will be an indication on the course card alerting you to it.

Q. I've added my kids into the system, but they're not showing up when I try to check out. What should I do?

A. If you head back to your dashboard and then navigate to the course you'd like to register for, they should be there!

Q. If I had an account last year, do you still have all my information?

A. Yes! Just use the email address from your account last year and all your information and children will be there.