at Altamont

With Summer at Altamont, your next adventure is on top of the hill. Whether you're looking to get ahead, sharpen your skills, or have fun with your friends at camp, we have everything you need to make this a summer you'll never forget.

The Altamont School

Our Philosophy

Try something new, dive deeper, have fun, all in the relaxed environment of Altamont in the summer.

Whether it's exploring the world of robotics, sharpening math and writing skills, or getting ready to perform at the highest levels on the field and court, Summer at Altamont has everything your child needs to make this an unforgettable summer they'll never forget.

Meet Our Staff

Our Staff

Professional, committed, caring, and energetic. Our staff meets our learners where they are.

With expertise in different backgrounds, and a passion for working with motivated learners, our staff provides a safe, nurturing, and compassionate environment for all students. We prepare them for the next steps during the summer months. With our staff, not only will they not fall behind, they'll get ahead.

See Our Facilities
The Altamont School

Our Facilities

Cutting-edge classroom design, newly renovated athletic facilities, and industry-standard fine arts spaces.

The Altamont School works diligently to ensure our facilities are the best in the area. Summer at Altamont takes full advantage of these wonderful, newly renovated spaces. From a photo lab that rivals most production-level facilities, to a state-of-the-art gymnasium and fitness facility that prepares athletes for the highest levels of competition. No matter our students' passions, we have the infrastructure to make this the summer they'll be prepared.